So I was on a 2-hr layover and met with my good friend M for some drinks and good conversation to wile away the time. We share a definite love of all things crafty and as per usual the conversation eventually landed on craft, the latest projects, ideas for projects and help I need an idea to fix this project. I showed her the pictures of my sleeve extensions and she mentioned I should have described in more detail how I did the project…duh! I felt totally dumb. Of course I should have. So here goes. I chose to crochet the extensions on through a circuit of loops versus sewing as I am not a fan of sewing jean material. The extensions I used were yarn and I didn’t sew them either but only because I was going to be crocheting otherwise sewing the loose ends is a must.

Turn your sleeves inside out.  I used a light-weight yarn typically used by persons of a certain age to make doilies and intricate laces and tableclothes. I used a darning needle because I was working on a jean jacket and you need a heavier needle. Make a circuit of loops on the inside of the cuff as in the picture (#2); these will be used as your base.  I used a size 3 crochet hook and made my way around the jacket cuff working single crochet stitches through the loops and extension materials. Once the circuit is complete turn the the sleeve right side out and voila. hopefully.